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Our three month summer internship program is available throughout North America and offers a wide-range of positions across various departments.


Opportunity for early-in-career individuals to temporarily immerse themselves in Victoria, Australia as a Reproduction & Herd Improvement Consultant (all expenses paid).


This 18-month early-in-career program has been designed to provide a challenging and accelerated learning journey working in three key sectors of our global business.


Early-in-career embryo training program designed for potential full-time placement within Brazil or internationally within our global operation's needs.


A two year program available for students enrolled in full-time education to work and learn about future jobs available in bovine genetics.

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A program that's ongoing in timeframe that offers a great opportunity to prepare for a career while still in school!

Student Benefits 


Paid Positions, Credits & Housing Assistance

Please note pay will vary depending on the nature of the position. We also offer school credit assistance and help with housing for some programs.


Career Development

Crafting a successful career requires more than just great technical skills. Our career development trainings & advising will help with your continued learning, communication skills, cultivate professional relationships, while creating an advantageous network.


Training & Global Networking

Receive training and guidance from both our local and international expert team members.


Opportunity for Full-Time Placement

Our main goal is to hire top talent, but we do not guarantee a full-time offer. Consider your time with us a two-way interview. Are you good fit for this organization? Is this organization a good fit for you?


“Genus is an invigorating place to work, there is a compelling mission behind what we do. The people in the company encourage you to keep learning, and you are surrounded by individuals that are very passionate about what they do. It is fast-paced and challenging, but always very interesting."

-Sarah-Jane Barton


North America Summer Internships

Positions Available for Summer:
Embryologist Intern
ABS Supply Chain Interns (Barns)
ABS Supply Chain Interns (Labs)
IntelliGen Supply Chain Intern (Document/Inventory)
Beef Genetic Nucleus Herd Intern
Dairy Genetic Nucleus Herd Intern
Beef Sales & Marketing Intern
InFocus Intern
Genetic Services Intern (Coming Soon!)
IntelliGen/ABS HR Intern 
Finance Intern (Coming Soon!)
R&D Software Engineer, Data Science & IVF Lab & Research Interns (Will be posted early October!)

Repro & Breeding Intern- Central Michigan
Repro & Breeding Intern- Ohio areas
Repro & Breeding Intern- NY areas
Repro & Breeding Intern- traveling around VA/PA
Repro & Breeding Intern- WI
Repro & Breeding Intern- Ontario Canada

Legal Intern (hiring begins Feb 22')
Beef Genetic Analytics Intern (hiring begins Feb 22')
Dair Genetic Analytics Intern (hiring begins Feb 22')

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Australian Immersion Program

Brazil Vet & Embryo Program

  • Group 1- Recruiting in May (hiring in June) working July- December. 
  • Group 2- Recruiting in August (hiring in September) working January-May.

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Wisconsin Co-op Program

Flexible student positions (15 hours a week minimum) currently available for Supply Chain Co-op Programs. 

  1. ABS Global- Barns, distribution, labs (DeForest, DeKorra & LEEDS facilities)
  2. IntelliGen- Inventory, document control (Windsor, WI)

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Great Britain Insights Program

Program starts in July and is a flexible (for students still in school) two year bovine AI program with competitive pay. 

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European Graduate Program

Our 18-month (full-time) programme has been designed to provide a challenging and accelerated learning journey where you’ll be making key decisions and be given real responsibility from the start.

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Partnering with Farmers to Transform
How we Nourish the World!

With the combination of deep scientific R&D and decades of farm-grown agricultural experience, we are a global company that's constantly exploring the frontier of what's possible.



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We have a wide-range of student positions available with our globally diverse teams that range from scientist to sales people, and from production personnel to customer service staff, who all play a crucial role in helping our customers profit from genetic progress.

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About Genus

Genus is a world-leading animal genetics company. We partner with farmers to transform how we nourish the world – a mission that is important to a sustainable future.

We do this by breeding better pigs and cattle, so farmers can produce high-quality meat and milk more efficiently and sustainably. We accurately select animals with desirable characteristics and use them to breed subsequent generations.

Examples of desirable characteristics include feed efficiency, disease resistance, growth rate, protein and fat content, and fertility.

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