Welcome Students!

Riley Thobe

W. Ohio Reproduction Intern- University of Findlay (Manager- Rudy Beining) 

Jada Straight

Southern WI Reproduction Intern- Lakeshore Tech (Manager- Stuart Zimmerman) 

Malorie Schmoll

Supply Chain, Labs- South Dakota State (Manager- Todd Nevling) 

Tony Rappold

Supply Chain-Labs, UW-Madison (Manager- Todd Nevling) 

Jonathan Asbury

R&D Software Engineer Intern- University of Florida (Manager- Travis Frosch) 

Hailey Hendrickson

Supply Chain-Barns, South Dakota State (Manager- Keith Dohm) 

Nicole Broege

Genetic Services Intern, UW-Madison (Manager- Ellie Fleming) 

Hendyel Pacheco

Dairy Genetic Analytics Intern- UW-Madison (Manager- Ling-Yun Chang) 

Cody Korth

Molecular Biology Intern- UW-Stevens Point (Manager- Namdori Mtango) 

Anirudh Potlapally

Data Science Intern- University of California (Manager- Patrice Linel) 

Caitlin Frankhart

NE Ohio Reproduction Intern- University of Findlay (Manager- Nathan Fair)

Austin George

WI Reproduction Intern- UW River Falls (Manager- Todd Kronberg)

Carley Ciolkosz

Supply Chain, Labs- UW-River Falls (Manager- Todd Nevling)

Benjamin Stone

Supply Chain- Barns, UW River-Falls (Manager- Wade Blaylock)

McKenna Maus

Supply Chain, Barns- Iowa State (Manager- Dave Deans)

Tessa Herman

Beef Sales & Marketing Intern- South Dakota State (Manager- Adrianne Trennepohl)

Madalyn Palmer

DeNovo Genetic Nucleus Intern- Iowa State (Manager- Ryan Starkenburg)

Danielle Wenker

IntelliGen Supply Chain Intern- UW-Madison (Manager- Dennille Heiman & Nicole Cray)

Kylie Konyn

Global Marketing Intern- University of Madison (Manager- Kylene Anderson) 

Logan Bierman

ABS Accounting Intern- UW-Whitewater (Manager- Becky Rhan)

Seth Carson

VA/PA Reproduction Intern- Virginia Tech (Manager- Carl Anderson)

Sarah Dean

Canada Reproduction Intern- University of Guelph (Manager- BJ Mayfield)

Tyler Pratt

Supply Chain-Barns- University of Findlay  (Manager- Dale Frey)

Taylor Collins

InFocus Intern- Fresno State (Manager- Amanda Wollin )

Kelley Braun

Supply Chain-Labs, University of Wisconsin (Manager- John Radil)

Erika Thomas

IntelliGen HR Intern- Marquette University (Manager- Samantha Lenius)

Frank Evan

Beef Genetic Nucleus Intern- South Dakota State (Managers- Tressa Alderson )

Jack Sheridan

ABS Finance Intern- University of Iowa (Manager- Heather Chauhan)

Nicole Parmenter

Bio-Systems Engineer Intern, UW-Madison (Manager- Elon Roti Roti)