Welcome 2021 Students!

Alverado Vargas

MN Reproduction Intern- University of Idaho (Manager- Casey Nelson) 

Luis Trejo

OH Reproduction Intern- Texas A&M (Managers- Mike Allerding/Rudy Beining) 

Logan Cole

OH Reproduction Intern- Canton HS (Managers- Mike Allerding/Nathan Fair) 

Carter Espinoza

Genetic Services Intern- South Dakota State (Managers- Gabriela Marquez & Ellie Fleming) 

Jonathan Asbury

R&D Software Engineer Intern- University of Florida (Manager- Travis Frosch) 

Brooke Wysiatko

Global Finance Intern- UW-Madison (Manager- Heather Chauhan) 

Yuqing He

Beef Genetic Analytics Intern- PhD North Carolina State (Managers- Fabiana & Ziquing) 

Erica Kinnard

Beef Sales & Marketing Intern- UW-Green Bay (Manager- Adrianne Trennepohl) 

Sam Reno

ABS Supply Chain- Kansas State (Manager- Justin Morgan) 

Megan Breuch

ABS Supply Chain- UW-Platteville (Manager- Justin Morgan) 

Kristine Mumm

DeNovo Genetic Nucleus Intern- (Manager- Ryan Starkenburg) 

Becca Leonard

NY Reproduction Intern- University of Tennessee (Manager- Hannah Worden)

Sadie Finegan

MI Reproduction Intern- Michigan State (Manager- Mike Allerding/Nate Martinez)

Heidi Moss

Western NY Reproduction Intern- SUNY Morrisville (Manager- Charles Dimaria)

Julissa Navarrete

Tech Services Intern- Illinois State (Manager- Rudy Troxel & Ellie Fleming)

Kaitlyn Grob

R&D Supply Chain Intern- UW-Platteville (Managers- Dennille Heiman & Nicole Cray)

Gabriel Flores

R&D Social Media Intern- University of Michigan (Manager- Katie Braun)

Ellen Lai

Dairy Genetic Analytics Intern- PhD University of California (Manager- Brittany Martin)

Josh Wianecki

ABS Supply Chain Intern- UW-Platteville (Manager- Dale Frey)

Halie Maier

ABS Supply Chain Intern- UW-Platteville (Manager- Wade Blaylock)

Shelby Souva

ABS Supply Chain Intern- Michigan State (Manager- Todd Nevling)

Michael Miller

ABS Legal Intern- Univ. of Iowa College of Law (Manager- Cristina Choi)

Lynnsey Crouch

VA/PA Reproduction Intern- University of Findlay (Manager- Carl Anderson)

Julia Verhoef

Canada Reproduction Intern- University of Guelph (Manager- BJ Mayfield)

Tyler Pratt

OH Reproduction Intern- University of Findlay (Manager- Mike Allerding/Nathan Fair)

Taylor Collins

InFocus Intern- Fresno State (Manager- Brandon Sowder/Sam Wilson)

Angela Wong

Global Finance Intern- University of Minnesota (Manager- Heather Chauhan)

Erika Thomas

R&D/ABS HR Intern- Marquette University (Managers- Katie, Tammy & Chelsea)

Manali Singha

Beef Genetic Analytics Intern- PhD Louisiana State University (Managers- Fabiana & Ziquing)

Megan Walmer

ABS Supply Chain Intern- Fox Valley Tech (Manager- Dale Frey)

Benjamin Cooper

ABS Supply Chain Intern- Iowa State (Manager- Dale Frey)

Renee Lock

Beef Genetic Nucleus Intern- University of Illinois (Manager- Justin Utt & Kenny Wells)

Lexi Czarny

Ohio Reproduction Intern- Ohio State ATI (Manager- Nathan Fair)