Welcome Students!

Bailey Landrum

Supply Chain- Bull Barns Intern- Purdue University (Manager- Wade Blaylock) 

Connor McArthur

Ohio Reproduction and Breeding Intern- University of Findlay (Manager- Mackauly Blair) 

Harlee Goodwin

New York and Vermont Reproduction and Breeding Intern- Morrisville State College (Manager- Carl Anderson)

Jordyn Block

Supply Chain Intern- Bull Barns - Kansas State (Manager- Keith Dohm)

Leah Miller

ABS Accounting Intern- University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire (Manager- Mona Willis) 

Nesse Tuttle

Supply Chain-Bull Barns, Iowa Stat (Manager- Dave Deans) 

Ben Styer

 Dairy Genetic Programs Intern- University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Managers - Ellie Fleming and Ryan Starkenburg)

David Wesson

Supply Chain-Bull Barns- North Carolina State (Manager- John Radil) 

Jenna Heeringa

Supply Chain-Lab, Dordt University, Iowa (Manager- Todd Nevling) 

Karissa Rickman

Southern Wisconsin Reproduction & Breeding Intern- University of Central Missouri (Manager- Todd Kronberg)

Megan Mallory

E. New York/Vermont Reproduction and Breeding Intern, Virginia Tech (Manager- Drew Hill)

Bob Forbes

Beef Sustainability Data Analytics Intern- University of Nebraska (Manager- Ellen Lai)

Emma Marthaler

Beef Genetic Nucleus Herd Intern- University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Managers- Logan Johnson and Caleb Schaeffer)

Jess La Brie

Minnesota Reproduction & Sales Surveying Intern- University of Kentucky, Lexington (Manager- Robert Slutter)

Kiley Spade

NE Ohio Repro & Breeding Intern- Loudonville High School (Manager- Alex Kitts)

Mia Dauphin

Supply Chain- Bull Barns- University of Wisconsin, Platteville (Manager- Dale Frey)